Artist's Resume

I have been working almost exclusively with the human figure since 2010, and continue to be inspired by the many shapes and forms that the human body can take, and the seemingly infinite number of non-verbal things the body can communicate via painting and drawing.

I paint on paper because I enjoy seeing my work flat against the wall. I typically do not frame my paintings. I prefer not to separate their space from ours by placing a frame between us. Hanging my work as flat against the wall as possible adds to the illusion that the painted space is occupying the same space as ours by de-emphasizing the physical space that the painting itself occupies. Although I love the sensation of painting on stretched canvas, I do not paint on that surface very often because the depth of the stretcher pushes the painting out away from the wall, drawing too much attention to the painting surface, and doesn't suit my artistic vision very well.

Space has always been a theme in my work. In my abstract work, I am interested in exploring the illusion of space, as well as actual space, on my own terms. I seek to flatten or eliminate traditional references to space (horizon line, diagonal or receding lines, overlapping shapes, etc.). Instead I am interested in discovering a new way of creating space, real or illusionary, through the resulting flatness.

Work in the Field
Painting and Drawing Instructor, Tacoma School District, Tacoma, WA 2007 - Present

MAT, Teaching, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA - 2007
BFA, Painting, University of Washington, Seattle, WA - 2004
BA, Art History, University of Washington, Seattle, WA - 2004


Art/Not Terminal, Seattle, WA
Group Exhibition - 2012

Parnasus Café, UW, Seattle, WA
Solo Show - 2004

UW Art Show, UW Sandpoint Gallery, Seattle, WA
Group Exhibition - 2004

BFA Show, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, UW, Seattle, WA
Group Exhibition - 2004

Juried Exhibition, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, UW, Seattle, WA
Juried Competition & Group Exhibition - 2003

Shunpike Follies, Freemont Unconventional Center, Seattle, WA
Group Exhibition - 2002

Mr. & Mrs. Karkosky, Puyallup, WA
Ms. Sheila Sammons, Newport, OR
Mr. & Mrs. Norton, Seattle, WA
Ms. Jennifer Taylor, St. Louis, MO
Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Seattle, WA

Featured Artist
ArtTrain USA, Kent, WA
Demonstrating Artist - 2002

Professional Memberships
Artist Trust, Seattle, WA - 2012
Golden Key Honor Society
, UW, Seattle, WA - 2003-Present
Lambda Rho Alumni Association, UW, Seattle, WA - 2002-Present
Phi Theta Kappa, Pierce College, Tacoma, WA - 1998-Present